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"Every hunting season, I’m always scrambling to find the rules and regulations about that area I’m hunting. The InSeason App is the solution to that problem and the first app I’ve seen that will really help hunters and make sure that all the information we need is in one spot. "

Eva Shockey


For REAL Hunters

  • Game is separated by species, subspecies, and method of hunt.
  • Weather feature ensures hunters won’t get caught in the rain or snow.
  • View seasons and possession limits for game animals big and small.
  • Real hunters know that Moon Phase can make the difference between a good hunt and a great hunt.

Time Saving Tool

  • The GPS feature gets hunters both on and off the mountain.
  • No more time wasted scouring the internet or your book for season dates, rules, or regulations
  • We will give you the What, Where, When, & How of every season in every state
Big Game Location 4

Clear and Simple

  • View seasons and possession limits for game animals big and small.
  • The Dashboard is clear, concise, and easy to navigate.
  • Make life an adventure. Go hunting with InSeasonApp.

Our Mission

InSeasonApp is a group who shares a strong passion for hunting, the outdoors and the experiences that come with it; such as spending time with family & friends, the quiet just before  sunrise, the excitement of trips to new places for new game, and with a bit of luck and skill, great trophies.   The busy lifestyle of today’s modern hunter makes it challenging to enjoy all of the above mentioned.   That’s why we, at InSeasonApp, sought to create a tool for the hunting industry.  One that would help us do what we love no matter the location that either business, pleasure, or our adventurous curiosity takes us.   With hunting regulations for all 50 states in our hand, there is no excuse.